"Lost Paradise" by Wing Shya

The third fashion film has been created for the online boutique
thecorner.com.,this time directed by Wing Shya, fashion and official
photographer to Chinese director Wong Kar-Wai.
I love this beautiful story, so emotional and surreal. 


Art Deco Influences

                                  Photos by me, Jacket by Holly Fulton


Fred Butler SS12 Collection

One of my favourite moments during LFW was definitely Fred Butler
presentation of her SS12 collection called " Sonic Sinuate
Supertemporal Sequestador" in Portico Rooms at Somerset House. 

It was designer's first live installation, continuing her iconoclastic
approach to accessories. The four-part sound presentation realized
Fred's passionate belief in experiencing multisensory fashion marriage
of colour, texture,sound mood and concept. I love her signature
psychedelic use of colour and intricate material manipulation.

                                                   Photos by me


Blue Story

                                                Photos by me


Busy Days...LFW SS12

                                                   Photos by me